Oct 01, 2020 Media Releases

TLC Healthcare confirmed today that there are NO active cases of COVID-19 amongst the residents, staff or contractors at Noble Manor, their residential aged care home in Noble Park.

CEO of TLC Healthcare, Lou Pascuzzi says “It was disappointing that the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has, once again, announced a case linked to a TLC Aged Care home without undertaking the necessary due diligence to ascertain if this was a close contact that should be a cause for public concern.

“This has caused significant distress amongst staff, residents and resident family members at Noble Manor. However, this is consistent with the questionable approach that the DHHS and certain sections of the media have adopted, and continue to practice, in the management and reporting of COVID-19 in residential aged care.

”We want to assure everyone that we have no current cases of COVID-19 amongst any residents or staff members at Noble Manor. There is no plan to restrict access to visitors of Noble Manor, as this has now not been deemed a risk by the relative DHHS case manager.

“As per our normal precautionary processes, we will continue to proactively COVID-19 test all residents, staff members and contractors at Noble Manor, as we do at ALL TLC sites, which has been part of TLC’s innovative ongoing protocol that has kept us COVID-19 free over the last 8 months.” says Pascuzzi.

TLC operates 11 residential aged care homes and medical centres located across Melbourne and Geelong; and at the time of this press release, remains COVID-19 free at all sites. For more information visit