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TLC’s medical team conducting a COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Forest Lodge TLC’s CEO,

TLC’s medical team conducting a COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Forest Lodge

TLC’s CEO, Lou Pascuzzi, having his second COVID-19 vaccination dose at Homestead Estate

TLC’s CEO, Lou Pascuzzi, having his second COVID-19 vaccination dose at Homestead Estate


TLC Healthcare (TLC) will be the first residential aged care provider to fully vaccinate their 1,500 residents, 2,000 staff, and contractors against COVID-19.

TLC anticipated delays in the Government vaccination roll-out across residential aged care as early as February 2021. TLC acted quickly, providing the Department of Health with a formal proposal to administer Phase 1A of the program itself. Utilising its immunisation nurses and general practitioners, TLC has ensured that all of its residents, staff and contractors, across its 11 residential aged care homes, will be fully vaccinated before winter.

Over the last 16 months, TLC have heavily invested in their infrastructure, infection control protocols, and staff; keeping all its residents free from COVID-19. This is despite 75% of TLC’s locations being in COVID-19 hot-spot areas. The extraordinary work ethic of its staff, and having community medical centres co-located with its aged care homes, were the main contributors to TLC’s successful defense against COVID-19.

TLC Healthcare’s CEO, Lou Pascuzzi, explained “We have achieved so much over the last 16 months, protecting all of our residents and staff from the virus. The entire organisation has operated at extraordinary and unprecedented levels. My focus was to ensure that my residents and staff did not have to endure another winter of trepidation. We soon realised that, despite the Government’s good intentions, the scale of this undertaking meant that the vaccine wasn’t going to be delivered before the onset of winter. Rather than criticising, or lobbying the Government to close that gap, TLC put its hand up to support the Government’s efforts.”

TLC is the only residential aged care provider to receive approval from the Department of Health to directly administer the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to their residents, staff and contractors, as part of the Phase 1A roll-out of the national vaccination program.

“After a rigorous Government qualification process, we were allocated 7,000 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to immunise our residents, staff, and contractors. TLC’s vaccination program began in March 2021, and is due to be completed on May 4; well ahead of winter” says Pascuzzi.

TLC’s innovative strategy of integrating medical centres into their residential aged care homes over the last 7 years has been the cornerstone of their COVID-19 response. “We have integrated community medical centres into all 11 of our aged care homes across Melbourne and Geelong. This gives TLC the unique ability to directly administer vaccines through our TLC Medical Centres medical team; and has increased the speed, efficiency and safety of the vaccine’s delivery.

“Our medical team includes specialist immunisation nurses who are drawing 6, rather than the expected 5, doses from each Pfizer vile. This efficiency is providing a surplus of doses, which have been offered to our high-acuity community patients. We have also been able to offer surplus doses to people who regularly visit our aged care residents, and the families of our staff and contractors. Vaccinating these close contacts further reduces the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak at a TLC site, and reduces vaccine wastage.
“This will result in TLC’s residential aged care homes and medical centres being amongst the safest locations in Australia.

“We are on schedule, thanks to the Department of Health, and their transport contractor DHL, delivering all the required vaccines and consumables on time. As a result, we have administered the first doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to our entire network. We have also begun to administer the second doses, and expect everyone to be fully vaccinated by May 4.

“What has really surprised me is the 91.2% average take up rate of the vaccine across our residents, staff, and contractors. Most of those not participating are as a result of their clinical profile, or other personal reasons.

“I would like to sincerely thank The Hon Greg Hunt MP, Minister for Health and Aged Care, the Department of Health, DHL, and all of our staff for their full support; they are the reason for the success of our vaccination program” said Pascuzzi.

The current status of TLC’s vaccine roll-out is outlined below:

TLC Medical Centres’ medical centres have also been approved to vaccinate people who qualify for Phase 1B of the COVID-19 vaccination program, using the AstraZeneca vaccine.

TLC operates 11 residential aged care homes, 10 medical centres, and a registered training organisation located across Melbourne and Geelong.

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